19 Times People Looked Inside Ordinary Objects and Made Surprising Discoveries

The world is full of fascinating mysteries and curiosities. But the coolest thing is that they happen not only in books and movies — sometimes they can be found in everyday life. These Reddit users can confirm it for sure, like with a face that appears at the bottom of a mug, a magic coin found in a backyard, or a mysterious small door found behind a wall during a renovation.

Here at Bright Side, we love to see what people find in their homes, and we love sharing them with you even more.

1. “My grandma’s Chinese teacups let you see a woman’s face when you put them against the light.”

2. “This bag of grass seed I left out for a couple of months”

3. “Cleaned out the attic and discovered rats had eaten my ’81 Dodgers baseball — Fernando, LaSorda, Stewart, Sax, Koufax...”

4. “My coworker found this in his backyard.”

5. “My lawn made a natural yin-yang symbol after a pool stood there.”

6. “My fingerprint is a little messed up from when I burned it as a baby.”

7. “This coat hanger used by flight attendants has a display for showing which seat the coat’s owner is sitting in.”

8. “Learning to waltz while waiting for an appointment”

9. “As I don’t have a surname, the bank decided to give me one.”

10. A palm tree growing out of the middle of an oak tree

11. The walls in this old coffeehouse have shadows where people used to sit.

12. The gate allows horses but not vehicles.

13. “I’m redoing my kitchen and the old owners put a wall over an exterior door.”

14. The left handle of the door has scratches from wedding rings. The right one doesn’t.

15. “Had a rainy night, and I saw a worm playing Snake this morning.”

16. “This zigzag pattern appears when her fur is raised!”

17. A cellphone tower camouflaged as a tree

18. “My friend handed me this in class over a decade ago.”

19. “While renovating our studio, we found old, walled-in mailboxes.”

When was the last time you found something unexpected in ordinary things? We’d be happy to see your comments and pictures in the section below.

Preview photo credit vadisus / reddit
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