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19 Times People Saw a Bewitching Sight and Rushed to Share It With Us

Professional photography requires a strong dedication and nerves of steel. Wildlife photographers who sometimes wait for over a week to take the perfect shot are proof of this. However, some people happen to be in the right place at the right time to take the most enchanting pictures.

We at Bright Side believe that wonders are all around us, and thus we invite you to take a look at these 19 captivating pictures and see for yourself.

1. A tree from the conservatory at The Bellagio in Vegas

2. “Wood knots I saw look kinda like a bunny.”

3. The smiling mussel

4. “Dashuhua, a festival in which molten iron is thrown against a wall to create sparks”

5. A bee taking a nap

6. “My grandma had a lot of visitors the other day.”

7. “The breakfast that smiles back”

8. This tree swallowing a bird

9. “The moth with spots that look like big eyes”

10. “I quietly followed this deer for 30 minutes at 2 AM for this picture.”

11. A perfect moment

12. “Eye in my pizza”

13. A rainbow cloud

14. “The sky this evening”

15. “My CD spindle’s reflection casts a very detailed eyeball in the morning.”

16. “A bloom of jellyfish was beached near my home.”

17. “I smacked myself in the face and it left a print on my glasses.”

18. A potato chicken

19. The skin this worm shed looks like a dragon.

Which of these shots did you find most entertaining?

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