20 People Who Always Have Their Camera Ready to Capture Nature’s Stunts

3 years ago

To paraphrase the cinematic masterpiece The Emperor’s New Groove, “when the sun hits just right, magic happens.” Sometimes, the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen is just a cool color gradient on some leaves. Or a weird color mutation. Or even an entire skyscraper camouflaging itself as a part of the sky.

Bright Side encourages you to look out for nature’s magic in the simplest objects and places. But — we like to lead by example — so we collected a beginner’s kit for you.

1. “The reflection from my window decal makes my toilet look like a quest item in a video game.”

2. “Smoke bubbles across the lawn on a rainy day.”

3. “There was a small windstorm this weekend at the same exact time the flowers were ready to drop.”

4. “Moonset lineup this from this morning”

5. “I appreciate that One Tree Point is appropriately named.”

6. “I found a baby albino oak in my garden. Plants can be albinos too, but they do not live long since they cannot photosynthesize.”

7. “The pot of Gold(en Retriever) at the end of the rainbow”

8. “I was pretty scared when I first saw it, but often, in Australia, some of the most scary-looking things are the most beautiful.”

9. “The colors of this hummingbird’s feathers in my yard”

10. “The way the sunlight reflects off the crackled glaze of a clay pot”

11. “Looks like the sky failed to render completely.”

12. “Look at this baby tree on this fence that I found in Scotland!”

13. “My dog’s multi-colored eye”

14. “Caught a double rainbow and the end of a rainbow.”

15. “Met this handsome moth this morning.”

16. “2 crabs fighting. You can see my reflection if you look close enough.”

17. “Hiking in the mountains, we passed this clear lake. Almost looks like the old Windows wallpaper from back in the day.”

18. “Rainbow gradient of foliage on this building.”

19. “The clouds parted, the snow stopped falling, and then this happened.”

20. “My cat has a heart paw.”

What tricks of nature’s artistic talent have you witnessed? Share your photos with us!


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