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20 Adorable Times People Recreated Their Childhood Photos

Posing for a photograph took at least 30 minutes in the 19th century due to long exposure. Of course, these images were rare and of great value. We’re more fortunate. We can not only take new photos every second, but also recreate old ones. It’s a lot of fun and gives us the opportunity to relive those joyful and sweet moments again.

Bright Side wants to share with you some vivid and interesting reproductions of warm memories.

1. Age is the only change here.

2. “23-ish years later and we’re still making sand castles together. My Grandpaw is the greatest!”

3. 2 sisters, one love

4. 30 years difference

5. “Then and now, 1999 vs 2018”

6. Even after so many years, Halloween is fun.

7. Grandma is always ready to feed you.

8. Sisterhood in the bathtub

9. When school is not cool:

10. So many years later and still goofing around

11. The only thing that changed is the pumpkin.

12. It’s always exciting to get presents.

13. A ballerina and a Power Ranger

14. “Father’s Day wouldn’t be complete without our annual tradition of remaking this 1968 photo of Dad and me on his first motorcycle.”

15. Flexibility remains the same.

16. “From 4 to 13...helping Mom make cookies.”

17. A younger brother is a little boy forever.

18. Sisters are a treasure.

19. “Same costumes, different decade.”

20. “Testing our mobility”

Which of these reproductions did you like the most? Have you ever recreated your childhood photos? Tell us in the comments.

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