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20 Coincidences That Prove the Universe Has Its Own Way of Telling You Things

There’s a 1 in a trillion chance that you have a doppelgänger, as one study suggests. And it’s even more exciting to meet them. Such coincidences make your life adventurous and full of unique experiences.

We at Bright Side think that coincidences are thrilling and want to share some of these rare moments with you.

1. “My great-grandfather makes me wonder if I’m related to the Baldwin family.”

2. “They told me I would find myself in Thailand.”

3. This married couple in China discovered they appeared in the same photograph as teenagers.

4. “If Johnny Depp were Asian — a picture of my grandpa in the 1960s”

5. “My cousin was celebrating her eighteenth birthday, and by chance, ran into the doctor who delivered her as a baby.”

6. “When you go to get a flu shot and the pharmacist is your doppelgänger”

7. “This 3,000-year-old Egyptian statue looks quite similar to Michael Jackson.”

8. “My brother’s scar looks like the Air Jordan logo.”

9. “By complete coincidence, the trees along this street matched the colors of the buildings.”

10. “I found my doppelgänger at work.”

11. “These 2 cars look exactly the same and have almost identical license plates.”

12. “I work with the same doctor that delivered me 21 years ago.”

13. “Thanksgiving 2016 vs Thanksgiving 2017”

14. “My Starbucks barista had the same tattoo as me!”

15. “The art of timing”

16. “Best picture I’ve ever taken — it was a total accident.”

17. “Hometown zip code, T-shirt, race number, finishing time — all 33607!”

18. “The way my ice pack is defrosting looks like a polar bear.”

19. “My coworker and I have identical scars from dog bites on our right hands.”

20. “I found a photo in an antique mall that’s my doppelgänger.”

Do you think coincidences are accidental? What was the most exciting coincidence in your life?

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