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20+ Fantastic Photos That Shine a New Light on Ordinary Things

Even the most ordinary things are able to amaze us if we look at them from a different angle. We eat with ordinary forks, ride ordinary bikes, and plant flowers in ordinary flower pots. Suddenly it turns out that cutlery can grow longer, like on surrealistic canvases, a bike can go on empty wheels without spokes, while a flower pot turns out to be an aquarium.

Internet users often share examples of how ordinary things shake their world perception and Bright Side feels eager to change the way you see this world with the help of some photos. The bonus at the end of the article can puzzle even the smartest among us.

1. “My new debit card is transparent.”

2. Who said a coat hanger’s shape can’t be modified?

3. It turns out that this old laptop had a mouse too. But, it is pretty strange looking.

4. This plastic spoon has a built-in toothpick.

5. One pot — 2 pets

6. Not only are the new smartphones thin and flat, but they’re also foldable.

7. This is a very unusual backpack for transporting pets.

8. The knob on this door is located in the center.

9. It’s an hourglass where time goes up instead of down.

10. A medical syringe? Nope, just a highlighter.

11. A directional combination padlock

12. “These pumpkins have strange peanut-shell textured growths...”

13. “My scissors also double as a box cutter”

14. This is what some gramophone records players look like.

15. “I made an unusual waveform Christmas card for my family. That’s my daughter’s voice at the moment she was making wishes.”

16. “The pineapple that my mother grew has very unusual proportions.”

17. Most people consider this logo extremely simple.

18. This cage-free egg has an uncommon shape.

19. Here’s what happens when you grow a pumpkin inside a plastic mold.

20. Anyone can use a smartphone as a camera, but not many know how to use it as a microscope.

21. This laptop has a mini ruler inside of it...

22. The way these wheels are fixed to the bike can be understood, but how do they rotate?

23. The fork and knife at this restaurant are very awkward, but they are unique.

24. Doctors lovingly made a 3D print of ultrasound for a blind expectant mother.

25. Have you ever seen this much long hair in one photo?

Bonus: “Found an old Coke bottle. Does anybody know what language this is?”

Which of these items has the highest chance of making a small revolution in the world of ordinary things? Let us know how we changed your perception of the world in the comments!

Preview photo credit phukienpc / Twitter
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