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20 Halloween Decorations That Inspire Everyone to be Extra Creative

As soon as October starts, a lot of people get their spook on. They start decorating their house for Halloween in incredibly unique ways. From recreating memes to building full-sized dragons, their creativity beyond measure gives color to neighborhoods everywhere.

Bright Side comes to you with this collection of truly incredible Halloween decorations. Let yourself feel the magic!

1. “This house in my neighborhood every year nails Halloween decorations.”


3. “Halloween Decoration Level: Pro”

4. “My neighbor’s Halloween decorations get better every year.”

5. “I made a T. Rex skeleton entirely out of metal and finished it just in time for spooky season.”

6. A true monster house

7. “I put this in the drain at the front of my house.”

8. “A restaurant in my town dressed up for Halloween Ghost Busters style.”

9. “They win Halloween.”

10. “A house set up in my neighborhood”

11. “Making the best out of a bad situation”

12. “Made this for our yard!”

13. “I carved foam pumpkins. They’re hanging on the wall by thumbtacks and the black is just construction paper.”

14. “Our neighbors paint hay bales every year for Halloween. This is what they did this year.”

15. “My local bar dressed up for Halloween.”

16. “This train my neighbor is building out of used plastic bottles for Halloween.”

17. “A Halloween silhouette on a large garage door”

18. “I made a life-sized Batmobile Tumbler and Batman for a themed Halloween display.”

19. “This full-sized dragon decoration someone put on their house for Halloween.”

20. “We are go for spooky!”

Which holiday do you enjoy decorating for the most? Show us photos of the best decorations you’ve done so far. It’s your turn to inspire us!

Preview photo credit kmixo / Reddit
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