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20 Moments When Nature Blew Us Away for the 1,000th Time

There’s an ox out there whose horn is about 8.6 feet or 262.5 centimeters long and there’s a skin condition that causes you to have sweaty palms all day. As hard as these might be to believe, they are true and there’s so much more in nature that will surpass your understanding.

Bright Side has picked the most interesting ones for our readers below.

1. This ox has a horn span that is longer than a large-sized Christmas tree.

2. What artichokes look like if you let them flower.

3. “My one dog looks like my other dog’s shadow.”

4. “My papaya only had one seed inside.”

5. “I have Hyperhidrosis, which means my hands and feet sweat a lot. This is how my hands usually look.”

6. “I overcooked an egg and it looks like a person is trying to climb out of it.”

7. “I found a pink grasshopper.”

8. “The spiderweb on my pumpkin looks like plastic wrap.”

9. How it looks when a snake develops bone cancer.

10. “This morning’s coffee bloom looked like a surprised bear.”

11. A bug trying to camouflage into its surroundings

12. “Was cutting down a tree at a golf course and found a golf ball wedged into it.”

13. “My chonky Rottweiler, Kaiser. He was born with gigantism so he was absurdly large as a puppy and is still large.”

14. “My hair is half blonde half brunette. Including eyebrows.”

15. Close up of a horse’s eye

16. “My kettle had a mini rainbow in it this afternoon.”

17. What happens when strawberry seeds bloom.

18. “In case you have not seen what a clump of DNA looks like.”

19. A bonsai apple tree grew a perfectly full-sized fruit.

20. A seal with white stripes on black fur exists in regions of the North Pacific Ocean. It’s rightly called a Ribbon Seal.

What is the strangest natural thing you have seen so far?

Preview photo credit Wolfdijon / Reddit