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20+ Natural Phenomena That Look So Picturesque We Wonder If They Are Real at All

It was a long time ago when people exchanged their habitat in nature for isolated cities. That’s why it’s not surprising that, by living in concrete jungles, we started to forget how beautiful this world can be — sometimes it can even be as magical as the most fabulous fantasies of mankind.

Bright Side found photos that prove Disney has a long way to go to look like reality.

1. “Here is the rainbow I saw the day before yesterday.”

“Looking at this, you understand that your life is passing you by while you are sitting in the office.”

2. “A rainbow cloud hiding behind the normal cloud”

3. Ducks walking on Hydrangea petals. Now you’ve seen everything.

4. “A river in Russia: It’s not Mars, but another wonder of nature!”

5. “Giant Groundsels, prehistoric plants found on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.”

6. “So you wake up at 5 AM, put on a warm jacket, warm up the car, sneak to the farm through the fence, pretend to be a sheep so that your “congeners” don’t run away.

And after getting the desired shot, you hear, “Nature has done everything for you — you simply took a nice photo.”

7. “A huge rainbow in Iceland”

8. “Rainbow Sundog. Decided to share it with you.”

9. Men-of-war have completely covered this beach.

10. “Stars fall right into the lake in autumn”

11. “This is the Atacama Desert in Chile. It’s drier than the Sahara. And yet it’s flowering.”

12. “If you are driving across New Zealand, sheep can be seen almost anywhere. There are 6 sheep for every one resident.”

13. “Ice in most lakes look the same but it looks totally different in Baikal. Perhaps that’s due to the purity of the water.”

14. “Lightning & rain in Mumbai, India”

15. “Full circle rainbow photographed in the northern mountains of Norway”

16. “Clouds in Novosibirsk looked like the insides of a freezer today.”

17. “This is an ice cave in Patagonia, Argentina.”

18. “Took a photo of the Milky Way in Medicine Bow National Forest a couple of nights ago.”

19. “A wonder world with drizzling rain in Biysk, Russia.”

20. “Kamchatka Peninsula. In order to understand the scope of the photo, take into account that the yellow spots in the photo are big birch trees while the ‘green grasses’ are thickets of cedar.”

What enchanting pictures of nature are there in your collection of photos?

Preview photo credit NewZealandd / Pikabu