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20 Objects That Came Back to Life After a Deep Cleaning

It’s hard to believe what a deep cleaning can do for things. Objects that seem to have lost their beauty forever come back to life after just a few hours of hard work. Floors, stairs, ceilings, walls, and all kinds of objects look brand new after using a little soap, water, and the secret ingredient: a little bit of hard work. The satisfaction you feel when you’re done cleaning probably can’t be matched. In fact, people feel so proud of their recently cleaned objects that there’s even a thread on Reddit dedicated solely to people posting pictures of their freshly cleaned objects.

The Bright Side team found such satisfaction in the before and after pictures of objects that were power washed that we felt the need to share the pics with you. We’re sure that after looking at these pictures you’ll be scheduling your next spring cleaning ASAP, regardless of whether it’s spring or not!

1. “Mid cleaning before/after with a surprisingly straight line”

2. “Had my work cut out for me this morning!”

3. “So fresh and so clean”

4. After cleaning the house facade, it looks as if it was freshly painted

5. New floor tiles or just clean old ones?

6. “Saved my deck from certain death”

7. “Please send someone to wash the other roof.”

8. This step-by-step deep cleaning of a patio chair is so satisfying.

9. “That was a big old job...”

10. The concrete pedestal looks almost as if it had just been made.

11. “Just bought a house and a power washer to go with it. All the new neighbors were impressed with the improvements!”

12. “Before/after of a tough job”

13. “Soft wash action”

14. “A little ashamed to admit this is what my camper looked like after a year and a half of neglect.”

15. “First time working with a power washer. Tough work, but super-rewarding.”

16. “Do people here like metal polish?”

17. “Before and after of a fryer I cleaned”

18. “I’ll finish washing the fence tomorrow. But until then...”

19. “I’m gonna need some sunglasses”

20. “Just power washed my hiking shoes.”

Do you use any specific tools or products to clean your things? Do you have any before and after pictures you can share with us?

Preview photo credit tushark1 / Reddit
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