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20+ People That Live in a Paradise for Perfectionists

Perfectionists, of course, can’t make everything around themselves perfect. But they can make their homes look as close to perfect as possible. Perfectionists see the pleasure in “attractive” wires and even coffee bubbles.

We at Bright Side used to think that nothing in this world was perfect, but these 20+ photos came very close to ideal. And in the bonus, you will find an amazing coincidence.

“Dish soap bottle was just the right height to lodge underneath the shelf and let the last bit fill up the scrub brush dispenser.”

Perfect. A near miss!

Just some attractive wires

Satisfying dish washing

“I washed my linens and rugs, it took me a while to find my missing bath rug.”

“I fit perfectly between our island and ceiling!”

Sink area designed for drying

“My phone and laptop chargers fit perfectly in this desktop outlet.”

“My window blinds cast lines at the same degree as my handrail.”

“These weirdly uniform bubbles in my tea give me the creeps.”

“5000-piece jigsaw puzzle on my dining table. Corner to corner and edge to edge”

“The way my girlfriend’s things fit on our new shelf”

“This is absolutely perfect!”

How this bath mat lines up with the tiles

“Bought this storage box for our seat cushions thinking it was more than big enough, this is every cushion!”

Gibson and Schecter guitar headstocks fit like a glove

This entire box of 24 cannelloni in a glass tray

“A €1 coin fits perfectly in my cell phone case”

“Me, in this nook”

“My eggs came out very balanced this morning.”

“I was gonna buy a new desk... Maybe not now.”

“Thought I had lost my cheese sticks when I came upon this accidental perfect fit.”

Scale on a kitchen tile

“My friend and my cabinet door”

“I made perfect pancakes.”

“Grandpa is super excited to share his box wrapping seam.”

Bonus: “Came down early morning to make a coffee in my kitchen and a van had pulled up next door with its vinyls perfectly positioned at my window. I was shocked.”

Which of these photos did you like the best?

Preview photo credit MadeKiffer / Reddit
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