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20+ People That Went to the Store and Came Back With a Little Treasure

Experts believe that luck indirectly lines up with psychology and more than that, you can influence it. It turns out that the people who consider themselves lucky are more positive and open to new things. And apparently, the people from this article are really optimistic because they managed to stumble upon real treasure.

The Bright Side team has put together a compilation of valuable things lucky people managed to find in thrift stores.

“A 14k gold personalized bracelet that I got in a jar of ’broken’ jewelry for $19.99. It weighs 12.5 grams.”

“I was at a local thrift store and I was going to leave when I found an Italian coffee maker for $10. The old sticker with the price says $499.”

“It finally happened! I bought this cute purse at a store for $10 and proceeded to find $10 in the pocket.”

“A genuine signed Gustave Doré engraving I scored for $40 — I didn’t realize what I had until I did some digging at home. It turned out to be worth a few thousand dollars! Find of a lifetime!”

“It’s 14k gold with diamonds — a vintage watch found in a bag of broken jewelry.”

“Back in September, I found these vintage sconces in shambles, so I repaired and fitted them with wireless LEDs.”

“I don’t have the space for it but my love for mid-century pieces runs deep. My find at a thrift store for $15!”

“Just found these massive 18k gold earrings in a jar of jewelry for $25.”

“Found my white whale! This Globe-Wernicke metal barrister case was a whopping $50. This is NASA property!”

“I bought this bag for $10 at a garage sale. I knew right away it was a cool thing. A used one from eBay costs $211 and new ones cost $600 to $700.”

“Literally just found this solid 14k Seiko watch in a bag of jewelry for $44. I haven’t even left the store yet because my friend isn’t done shopping.”

“My mom found an expensive paint kit for $10 at her local swap meet. $200 was balled up with a receipt at the bottom. Happy Mother’s Day, indeed!”

“I paid just $20 for the chair, lamp, and mirror. I’m proud.”

“I bought this perfume for just $2 in Greece. The bottles are covered in gold. A great find!”

“I bought these earrings in a thrift store 10 years ago. They turned out to be really valuable.”

“Got this Miu Miu clutch for $10.”

“A Karen Greene enamel for $4.99”

“I found a silver chain and silver earrings for 3 cents.”

“My catch for $15: a Gucci bag! I often find great things for very little money.”

“Found $150 cash inside an old book yesterday!”

“This camera I got for $66 at an antique store in Ireland worth around $8,000 to $14,000”

“Found these 2 14K gold Diamonique rings for $4 each. These are quite clearly marked ’14k’ too — I think someone working there must have just glanced at them and assumed they were costume rings.”

Many of our readers have already shown us the amazing things they’ve found. Share your finds with us!

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