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20 People Who Could Get Out of a Deal With the Devil Himself

The idea of making a deal with the devil comes from the story of Faust. Basically, it’s something you can’t get out of — if you lack the creativity of the people on this list, that is.

We at Bright Side try to praise the creative side of things and the people who at any given chance use creativity to better a situation.

It looks like a tube, so it should work like a tube...

An elegant way of getting out of a situation:

An easy and efficient way to inflate your inflatables this summer:

A mechanical approach

A “no metal was around” kind of bike

“Asked my son to box his leftover mac n’ cheese at the restaurant. Not sure if he’s stupid or a genius.”

“The microwave sensors shut off, so my dad made this on/off switch.”

“My engineer degree is showing.”

“No corkscrew? I got you, comrades!”

One heck of a cocktail!

Use the provided seal as a funnel.

Hotel curtain won’t stay closed? No problem.

“Babe, I fixed it.”

Need to sneak a bottle in somewhere?

“I’m in the mood for pancakes.”

“Turkish coffee in our day”

A solo cup’s lid locks onto its bottom to become a coaster.

Opening those pesky keychains

Handy little toaster

If it fits — it sits!

This creativity has blown us away! What did you think of these little awesome hacks? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section!

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