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20+ People Who Proved You Can Get a Cool Bag Without Going to the Store

An unusual bag very subtly emphasizes the individuality of its owner. Of course, you could look for something exclusive in the collections of famous brands, but in this case, you will have to spend more than one salary on this accessory. People from our article went the other way and created unique backpacks, clutches, and briefcases with their own hands.

We at Bright Side love to look at the works of handy people, because each of them shows the originality of their creator. It turns out that it’s not as difficult as it might seem to recreate various handbag models.

“Just made a dice bag! I used 2 types of leather and a glass eye.”

“I had a new large men’s T-shirt, and I wanted to make a book bag for school. This is how it came out.”

“I made a leather messenger bag for my supercool girlfriend for Christmas. I hope she’ll like it.”

“An embroidered clutch bag with an owl zipper pull. This is the first bag I made myself.”

“I made a Harry Potter bag for my sister.”

“I made a Toothless bag for my girlfriend’s birthday.”

“I made a leather Orks’ bag.”

“For a long time, I was thinking about sewing something for myself and being able to leave the store with a cool bag, instead of a plastic bag that could get torn at any moment. I did it.”

“Everyone knows cats love bags, so I crocheted one for my cat!” — “Looks like the cat in a poke.”

“I made a bag myself and tried to show a mermaid on it.”

“I had a skein of jute twine so I made a bag — it’s a pickpocket’s dream. It’s prickly and thorny, but soon the fabric is supposed to wear thin a little bit.”

“My loved one complained that I always ‘did everything for everyone,’ but that he didn’t get anything. He asked for a bag. Ha! Well, a satisfied husband is a good husband. Today he went to work with his new bag.”

“Sometimes, you can do so many different things to just avoid work. After the hauling of the chairs, we had some pieces of micro-velour fabric in 2 colors left, and I made a beach bag. It’s convenient, spacious, and sand and water don’t stick to it.”

“I made a leather makeup pouch for my girlfriend’s birthday.”

I just made this backpack with custom printed fabric with Rick and Morty! It’s not perfect, but I am really happy I created it."

“I was looking for a long time for a bag like this, but I didn’t really find anything, so I decided to make one myself. My friends said I’m crazy. In a way, they are right — I paid a lot for all the materials and tools, but I like it.”

“I made this bag as a present for my girlfriend, and I’m very happy with the result. I can’t wait to give it to her.”

“I made this bag from all the bits of yarn I had left from other projects. I am so happy with how it turned out.”

“I made my first bag! It’s reversible and has pockets.”

“I crocheted this not-so-little backpack.”

“I made this handbag for an international handmaking competition and made it to the finals for the first time in 4 years!” — “I’m a man, but even I want this bag!”

Which of these bags would you like to have? Or, perhaps, you know how to create something exclusive yourself?

Preview photo credit Lizy / Pikabu, Art2D2 / Pikabu