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20 People Who Used a Metal Detector, and It Was Like Opening an Old Pirate Chest

There are many lost objects hidden underground. Fortunately, some people own a metal detector and can easily find anything from old soda caps to gold rings worth a fortune. Here are some of their most interesting finds.

1. “I was metal-detecting at the new house I just moved in and found a 10k gold ring.”

“I contacted the previous owner in case it had sentimental value. The older woman who owned the house before cried when I gave it to her. Her husband gave it to her many years ago, and she never thought she’d see it again.”

2. “Old little key found on the beach this morning.”

3. “Turquoise Bracelet”

4. “Bought my first metal detector today and found this tiny cast iron doll house stove.”

5. “Honey of a gold ring found at the beach.”

6. “2020, 2021, 2022 ring finds”

7. “Last couple of days have been cold on the fields, but the rewards were these coins.”

“1692 ‘oord’ made in Brussels and a 1628 rare type ‘duit’ made in Stevensweert.”

8. “The detector simply showed the target hidden under the leaves. Didn’t even have to dig, quick find.”

9. “Beautiful day climbing up and down looking for Mr. Pocket.”

10. “My quick 45 minute lunch hunt turned out way better than expected.”

11. “My 3-year beach found semi-junk ring collection.”

12. “Siliqua constans 353-355 AD.”

13. “Bit of Edwardian bling this morning.”

14. “Best finds of 2022”

15. “This is why I metal detect! 14k, 20 diamonds! I may never top this find.”

16. One of the items found was an 18-karat gold ring.

17. “Easily my weirdest find.”

18. “Popped my first Gold ring this morning at a local park!”

19. “Silver ring”

20. “3 hours at the beach. I found a Tungsten ring with 3 diamonds, a large fake heart-shaped diamond, and 9 pieces of a broken bracelet.”

What valuable items did you lose and were later able to recover? What was the most surprising thing you found?

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