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20+ People Whose Days at Work Were Much Harder Than Any Monday

On average, people spend a full 3 months a year at work. Of course, if we spend 1/4 of our lives in our offices, all kinds of things happen there — happy and otherwise. But, sometimes, there are days when you can definitely say, “This is the worst day of the year.”

We at Bright Side want to give a standing ovation to the people that can find enough power to deal with something bad, with a sense of humor. Here are the people whose workdays were a true nightmare.

1. “I opened my restaurant in the morning and wanted to drive to my other job. This happened in an empty parking lot! Guess which one is mine!”

2. “My pickup has been in the shop, so I bought a second one to help with work last week — like mine but one year older. It drains oil at a slightly different angle than mine, and is apparently about 2” closer to the ground..."

3. “The toilet paper in the outhouse of the farm I work at”

4. “My buddy got this after working at his job for 42 years. The sticker isn’t even on straight”

5. “Went to go use the restroom for a few minutes at work only to come back and find out someone had snapped the clip off of my favorite pen...”

6. “Decided to work on my birthday today and was going to leave early, but instead 3 people called out sick so here I am 12 and a half hours in and still going...”

7. “And I was going to be early to work too...”

8. “I work in a small coffee shop and today our receipt machine malfunctioned.”

9. “I dropped a bottle of bleach on the floor at work last night. Ruined my good jeans”

10. “First time in the office for a while and got this keyboard. What sucks is that I have to write Belgium a lot today.”

11. When you have to leave for work at 4 am and this is what you walk out to...

12. “Someone tried stealing this at work today. Now I have to put it all back.”

13. “Heard a loud thud while working in my home office... Only to turn around and see my 100-year-old saguaro has reached its brutal end...”

14. “Overslept, forgot to pick up my co-worker, and got to work a half-hour late. Just to have my boss accidentally run over my lunch within 5 minutes of being there.”

15. “After wearing the same work shoes for 3 years since I couldn’t afford new ones, my boyfriend surprised me with a brand new pair. This happened the first day I wore them out.”

16. “Came into work this morning and found this monstrosity.”

17. “Pictured: a fake apple someone bit at the craft store I work at”

18. Someone is having a really bad day!

19. “The coolers were down for a few minutes at the store I work at...”

20. “Decided to go ‘commando’ today at work, noticed several people across the room leave upset during our morning meeting... Now I know why.”

21. “Fell asleep on my charging cable. I have client-facing Zoom meetings today.”

Has anything like this ever happened to you at work?

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