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20+ People Whose Inventions Raise Only One Question: “Why Did You Do That?”

It’s not necessary to rush to specialists if you need to fix, build, or improve something. You can start by doing it yourself. And occasionally, people’s wit helps them create something truly precious.

We at Bright Side Googled a bit and found a bunch of self-made inventions from users who haven’t decided whether what they created is a masterpiece or trash.

When there’s no hoop but you want to play basketball anyway:

“My joystick fell off the thing that actually moves it. Managed to get it off but not back on. Got a toothpick and some napkins, and bam — a brand new controller.”

“Went to a sale and the entire kitchen was adorned with spoon handles.”

A perfectly fixed side mirror

This looks very uncomfortable to sit on.

“Neither my dad nor my uncle thought we’d need a pricey mount to get the 75” TV higher up..."

“I carved a pillow.”

“You beat me to the joke, but a pillow fight? Now that wood be fun.”

“At least this is creative.”

“I bought a manual coffee grinder but decided it was too slow.”

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

“I guess that works.”

“Would you like a new bumper?”

“My greatest invention: a cube made of clothing hangers and stationery rubber bands. It’s tight, light, and useless!”

How to keep your drink cool:

“My parents’ toilet roll holder”

“The van was cheaper than wood?”

“A homemade desk couch”

“No travel bags? No problem!”

“My mom tried to salvage this rubber glove.”

“My dad needed a BBQ brush, so he nailed a new paintbrush to a paint stirrer.”

If you think it’s a normal flash drive, you’re wrong. It has a spade on the other end.

“This phone case is made of Tic Tac boxes.”

“I didn’t want to go out and buy a whole table for my TV.”

“Take that creaky old door and repurpose it into a new dining room table.”

“My hair comb robot”

What unusual inventions have you seen?

Preview photo credit xDavin / Reddit
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