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20+ Photos From People Who Could’ve Been David Copperfield’s Students

When we look at a picture we can’t understand at first glance, our brain doesn’t try to explain to us what is happening in it. It prefers to “add” familiar patterns and create a beautiful illusion. This explains the effect of cognitive dissonance that the photographs in our compilation produce.

We at Bright Side prefer to not let our own brains fool us, so we decided to figure out what was going on in each of these 25 photos. To do this, you just need to look at them twice, or you could just read the captions.

Yarn on the table or giant balls on the floor?

“My first thought was, “The trees are on fire, call the fire department, and don’t take pictures!”

There is no child, but there is a shadow.

This is not a head hanging in the air. It’s just that the tree creates this illusion.

“I thought the sidewalk they were standing on was the bride’s dress.”

Sunlight from a small window in the shower shined right into the toilet bowl.

A shadow from a tree creates the illusion of an opening in the fence.

Hamburger man

“Every sunny day, around 2 p.m., there’s a 1 shadow on my floor.”

“Took a picture of this wasp on my mirror, and it was waving at me!”

“My T-shirt’s design perfectly fits through the hole of my gaming chair.”

“My cat in a box looks like a Polaroid picture.”

The reflection from a can of Coke on the table created this pattern.

When camouflage blends perfectly with the environment:

It looks like the cup is full of milk, but it isn’t.

Cat waterfall

Cucumber vine picked a tomato from a nearby plant.

The light reflected off people’s clothing created a rainbow inside an airplane.

The watercolor at the bottom of the palette looks like an eye.

“The railing’s shadow divided up the colors of the rainbow reflection on my stairs.”

“The bowl looked empty until I turned on the tap.”

Invisible front paws

Crisp bread merges with the countertop.

Never mind, just a grasshopper taking a break on the windshield...

Maybe you also managed to take a photo like this, where everything is not clear at first glance? Share it with us.

Preview photo credit HskrRooster / Reddit