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20 Photos That Made Us Adore the Friendship Between Animals and Their Hoomans

Anyone who has a pet would agree that having an animal in your life is one of the most blessed things. These loving creatures enrich our lives to the point that we can’t imagine what life would be like without them. Even though taking care of them is not always easy, it’s all worth it when they shower us with their pure love.

To celebrate the unique bond between animals and humans, we at Bright Side compiled 20 photos that show just how unique the bond is between animals and humans.

1. 15 years later, still best friends.

2. My mom meeting her dream kitten for the first time today!

3. Some things never change.

4. This is Sophie! The light of my life.

5. My girl turned 9 today.

6. Good morning everyone!! Do you need a baby sitter?? Am here today.

7. After a lifelong phobia of dogs, my mom seems to be getting over it. This is how she and my dog look at each other.

8. Today we welcomed Sir Winston MoosAlot to the family!

9. My cat ripped open his favorite toy. This is my grandma sewing it back together.

10. I’ve never had a goose before. Hard to imagine life without one now. Meet Joslin’ the goslin’!

11. Find someone who looks at you like this cat looks at his human.

12. Best friends in the making

13. Had trouble finding the cat, gave up, then checked on my daughter...

14. Been waiting 6 years to get a dog and the day finally came. Meet Archie.

15. She suddenly fell asleep like this while I was just playing with her.

16. What do you mean we’re out of snacks?

17. He’s been my comfort from the beginning to the end.

18. Did you say dinner is ready?

19. This is a really old picture of me and the best cat that ever lived, Nippy.

20. My old girl loves to come say, “Hi” in the morning.

Do you have a pet of your own? Do you agree that having an animal in your life is a true blessing? Share pics of you and your pet in the comments below.

Preview photo credit huntbella26 / Reddit