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20 Photos That Will Challenge Anyone Who Ever Said, “Now I Have Seen Everything”

Nature is filled with strange stuff. From fire ants banding together to survive a flood to a yellow-colored waterfall, it’s a safe bet that Mother Earth will always find ways to surprise us.

We at Bright Side had a blast finding photos that depict some of the strangest things nature has to offer and we can’t wait to share them with you.

1. Nothing will keep this tree from thriving, not even an abandoned bike.

2. Say hello to the red-lipped batfish. We can’t help but be a little envious of that pout.

3. Every year, millions of red crabs take a trip along Christmas Island for the purpose of breeding.

4. Take a closer look. No, it’s not a leaf. It’s a living, breathing bug.

5. These fire ants joined forces to create their own floating island so they could survive a flood.

6. Dad croc steps up and gives his young crocs a ride across the water.

7. The Hukou Waterfall in China has a distinctive yellow color that makes quite the impression.

8. While others grow straight, this spiral tree doesn’t mind showing off its fancy curves.

9. Clearly, lions in South Africa don’t mind hanging out on the road.

10. This gecko was caught smugly snacking on its own tail. It’s no big deal though, since it can always grow a new one.

11. A sheep with 4 horns

12. Speaking of extra body parts, this octopus needs a new name. There’s definitely more than 8 arms on this guy.

13. Looking for a good spot for a picnic? This 170 ft-wide tree just might be it.

14. These spider webs completely cover this street light. How weird is that?

15. In an unexpected twist, a lioness was spotted nursing a leopard cub in Tanzania.

16. A fearless raccoon hitches a ride on a boar.

17. An owl was pictured trying to attack an unsuspecting deer and all we want to know is — what was that bird thinking?

18. The world’s largest salt flat known as Salar de Uyuni is located in Bolivia.

19. An owl is camouflaged in a tree trunk. Can you spot it?

20. This rare bird is breaking down gender norms. It’s male on one side and female on the other.

Which of these photos had you the most amazed? We’d also love to know the coolest thing you’ve ever found in nature.

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