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20 Pics That Will Make You Jump From a Gentle Smile to a Boisterous Laugh

Positive emotions are not just meant to make us feel good, psychologists claim. They help humanity to survive and give birth to new human beings, according to evolutionary experts. They also help us form bonds with others and connect with people who we want to be attached to. Our article will put you on an emotional rollercoaster — prepare your face muscles for a little smile-laugh workout.

Here at Bright Side, we do believe that a laugh a day keeps a doctor away, and today, we’ve collected 20 pics that will help you get your daily portion of positive emotions in one place, at one time.

1. “That one time I went to Japan to be Luigi.”

2. “We went to McDonalds!”

3. “Went to work with the door to my room shut, he improvised.”

4. “I’ll never forget the time that my mom installed this lock on one of her bathroom drawers when I was a kid...”

5. “Before my wife went out of town, she asked me to buy new sheets, but nothing gaudy.”

6. “Warrior forgot his sunscreen.”

7. “Found the Lego my kid was looking for.”

8. “My nephew getting admired at the airport”

9. “My nephew got 2 of those giant Costco bears”

10. “My sister-in-law just posted this picture of my nephew... it’s awesome.”

11. “My girlfriend’s nephew got a new hat.”

12. “Though not as cute as a shoulder chicken, here’s my pocket turtle.”

13. “So, here’s my watermelon harvest.”

14. “My wife says this is the only benefit of being pregnant.”

15. “Girlfriend’s flight was delayed until 2 in the morning. Here’s what she sent me.”

16. “My brother won an Emmy and here’s where he keeps it.”

17. “Did the gf’s laundry for the first time. Here’s a turtle neck. Not sure which way is up.”

18. “He seemed to enjoy his 1st birthday cake.”

19. “My 12-year-old nephew decided that hitting a spray paint can with a hammer was a good idea.”

20. “Sooo... My nephew got into the Vaseline..”

Which photo got you laughing the hardest? Which of your own photos makes you laugh every time you take a look at it?

Preview photo credit matt_fletch / Reddit
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