17 Baffling Objects Whose Purpose Will Have You Exhaling in Despair

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Before the internet came into our lives, people would look things up in encyclopedias or would simply ask one another. However, with the internet things became much easier, since you can search for anything. Not only that, but there are many online communities where people share their knowledge with us.

Bright Side stumbled upon 17 unusual items and constructions, and we were amazed to find out what their purpose is.

1. “Expanding metal ring with ornate cap and handles.”

  • It’s the opening to a vintage purse. Fabric would be sewn around the opening like a bag. LaaSirena / reddit

2. “What are these medal things on the corner of these stairs and what is their purpose?”

  • Corner dust guards. They make it easier to sweep dust out of the corners. jackrats / reddit

3. “A small bakelite toilet container with a spoon.”

4. “Dismantling pallets and the nails are leaving pink behind in the holes. It’s powdery, and the same pink stuff is on the nails as well.”

  • The coating (vinyl) “melts” when it was driven into the wood (friction) lubricating the nails for installation by pneumatic equipment (air nailers) and the coating bonds the nail to the wood when it “cools”. DoctorOfMeat / reddit

5. “What is this chrome thing near the toilet and the TP holder?”

  • Looks like a holder for magazines. “Literature” is an important bathroom supplies category — or at least used to be before smartphones, I guess. EspritFort / reddit

6. “Appears 40 feet long, nothing written on it, appears nothing is inside of it. 25 feet or so off of the ground. No sign of life around it for miles.”

  • It was a scale house for the mine, given that it is on mine property and it (most likely) required equipment to build. RiptideJane / reddit

7. “What is this shelf in my wall? It might just be a regular shelf but the bottom slot makes me thing it has a special purpose.”

8. “Spiky things on the ground at the petrol station.”

9. “Found this ‘tool’ at a thrift shop, made of what looks like tool steel wit stamp that starts with ‘miller’ but can’t make out the rest.”

10. “Found in our 1955 camp. All sheet metal, can be wall mounted. Only legible embossed markings just say patent pending.”

11. “This copper plaque with a name and death date scratched out that I found in the ground on my parents’ farm.”

  • It’s a casket plaque that was likely made in the cutlery mill that used to be on the property of a woman in my town named Katherine Healy! We’re not sure the specifics on why it was scratched out, but it was probably due to a defect in the plaque, and it was discarded. christopherwaverly / reddit

12. “Low mirrors on both sides in the front of the monorail compartment at Heathrow Airport.”

13. “What is this 1.75 inch metal cube with an oval slot?”

  • Wild guess, but I could see this being used as a bottle opener. The wear marks on the metal support the idea. WittySmoke / reddit

14. “This industrial vent thing in the middle of a park.”

  • 18-million-gallon underground reservoir. “The underground reservoir is being built by the Mesa Consolidated Water District on about six acres of land on the old Lindbergh school site. The reservoir will be topped by a cement cover. The grassy field will be installed above the cover and will probably serve as a soccer field.” Cr3X1eUZ / reddit

15. “What is this box used for? Seems to have a specific function with the slots on the side. Found at a swap meet.”

16. “This wooden platform at the top of a mountain — like a ramp to nowhere — about 16 feet square.”

  • It’s a hang glider launch. They only need a small launch platform. Us paragliding guys like a bit more space. Our wings are not inflated until we get a little wind into them. We need a bit more space to get going. _Piratical_ / reddit

17. "Wooden box with weird pattern inside and no lid. Approximately 18"x30"x3″."

Do you have any object or construction that you would like to know what its original purpose was?

Preview photo credit LocalSalesRep / reddit


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