17 People Who Just Wanted to Polish Up Their Looks, but Something Went Wrong

8 months ago

We all want to look beautiful. This is why we tend to visit beauty salons quite often and even think about makeovers sometimes. Unfortunately, the results of beauty procedures can be quite disappointing.

“I’m still experimenting a lot with my hair — expectation on the left, reality on the right.”

“My legs mid-waxing — I sent this photo to my best friend, and she thought it was me painting my boyfriend’s toenails.”

“I got powder brows and I hate them. They are way above my natural brow and I look angry.”

“I got my hair balayaged yesterday, and today I noticed my hair looked slightly weird.”

“My new gel nails — they look far too thick and chunky to me, like little chiclets.”

“About 3 or so years ago, I was working as a makeup artist. And it seems I didn’t know that undertones exist.”

“Now I’m thinking about how to fix my failed manicure.”

“I recently moved and tried the local barber.”

“I’ve never gotten my nails done before. I asked for pink French tips and this is what I got. Am I crazy, or do these look awful?”

“I asked for balayage, and I’m really unhappy with the result. On the stylist’s Instagram, it looked much better than mine.”

“In 2016, I really used to think my eyebrows were the move.”

“I was very unhappy with the manicure the tech from the local nail salon did.”

“I microbladed my eyebrows 9 days ago, and one eyebrow has a higher arch and a longer tail.”

“I asked for one-inch cut off. This is what I got. Not 100% bad but very much not what I wanted. I don’t like it on me and not sure what to do.”

“I’ve just had it finished, and I hate it.”

“I paid a professional for this. I remember being really self- conscious the entire night of how yellow and flaky I was.”

“I have a wedding to go to in a week.”

We looked through many photos posted by Internet users, and now we know for sure that experimenting with your looks doesn’t always end well. But there are times when the results are incredible.

Preview photo credit wennielund / Reddit


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