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20+ Reddit Users Confess About Their Worst Buys Ever

There are different reasons why we might feel like buying something. You might be having a very good or very bad day or maybe you just fell for the heat of the moment without giving anything much thought. But no matter the reason, we sometimes make unwise decisions that we later regret.

Bright Side wants to share the funniest times that Reddit users fell hard for classic marketing tricks and bought something totally useless they knew would end up abandoned in some dark drawer.

  • “When I was like 14 I bought a pack of intentionally mismatched socks that were really expensive. Like, only one of each pattern. Could have bought twice as many normal socks and just mismatched them myself.” © virgo-punk

  • “I bought a pager. The clip snapped, I took it to where I bought it. ’We only cover the pager, not the case,’ they said. I walked outside, right in front of the window, and smashed it against the floor. Walked back inside and said, ’My pager is broken.’” © JonnyRebel357

  • “I was 11 and my dad gave me $50 bucks to spend at the mall. So I wandered into a gift shop and spent it all on an electronic vibrating oinking pink pig. I never played with it after I brought it home. Tried to return it, only to be offered store credit.” © TheQueensBishop

  • “I was just a few weeks out of basic training and bought one of those family lineages with the shields on it and description. I blew $500 or so bucks just to find out it wasn’t even accurate.” © th3_warth0g

  • "Was all excited about my eBay purchase, come to find out I’m dumb and didn’t see that only the box was in the listing.“© Darthmalgus970

  • “The blanket that makes you look like a giant burrito! It was super thin and of poor quality, not to mention the fact that it wasn’t big enough to cover me. Now I’ll never look like a burrito!” © its_not_appropriate

  • “I bought a ’make it yourself’ music box with a series of cards to punch out the notes and then an insert so you can play whatever tune you want. Thought I could make my girlfriend a special gift, then I realized that I can’t read music and when I tried to punch it by ear it sounded bloody awful.” © LifeIsBizarre

  • “A Himalayan salt lamp — useless, but aesthetically pleasing.” © corvidspirit

  • “This past Christmas Eve, I was doing some last-minute shopping and came across a glass shaped like Buddy from the movie Elf which, of course, also had Will Ferell’s face on it. With everything kinda being out of order with the holiday rush, I didn’t know how much it cost, but I bought it on pure impulse because I thought it was funny. It wasn’t until I left the store and looked at the receipt that I realized it cost $22, which was way more than it was worth. To remind me of my mistake, I now drink out of that glass exclusively and have been doing so for the past 5 months. I have to wash it like, twice a day but I won’t stop using it until I feel like I’ve gotten my $22 dollars worth.” © JustSarver

  • “My family visited Colorado when I was 10 and I saw a statue of a mosquito in a gift shop with the words ‘state bird’ on the bottom and begged my parents for it. We now have a rather large mosquito statue on our piano.” © FriedEggRoll

  • “When I was 19, I got a construction job that paid fairly well. Stupid me got all excited for a fun car. I signed up for a 5-year loan after test driving the first one. I ended up having engine failure almost 2 years later. Because it was a used car and from a shady used car dealer, the warranty was well expired. I couldn’t afford to get a new engine for it so I ended up paying over 3 years for a car that I wasn’t driving.” © corneliusthunderfoot

  • “I bought a timeshare.” © Dyspaereunia

  • “I spent $40 one of those amusement park booths where you had to throw darts at balloons. For some reason, I picked out this really ugly 7-ft-tall frog stuffed animal. It’s in the corner of my closet and still scares me when I’m half-awake in the morning.” © -ariose-

  • “I once went to a novelty/thrift shop that had a ton of random stuff. Ended up spending $10 on a framed picture of Count Dooku, Darth Sidious, and Jango Fett from Star Wars since my girlfriend thought it was funny. The frame recently broke and I found out, after seeing the back of the picture, that it was from a calendar when Attack of the Clones came out. Someone just cut this picture out of an old calendar, put it in a frame and I actually spent $10 on it.” © donnysaur95

  • “Bought Doritos Dinamita and I got these weak, mild chips that are really different looking and my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.” © ismellgoodfood

  • “I repeatedly ordered McDonald’s from UberEats even though the McDonald’s is 2 buildings away and I can see it from my backyard. It takes 30 seconds to drive here, 3 to walk.” © ToBeReadOutLoud

  • “When I went on a school field trip to Washington DC back in middle school, I bought a $2 bill at a souvenir shop for $20.” © ogkudo

  • “Shampoo. I’m bald.” © uwhy

  • “Got that inflatable dinosaur costume. Wore it once around my campus and now I forget where it is.” © ReasonableBeep

  • “My therapist was kind enough to let me know about insomnia cookies. I live in one of their delivery areas and they drop off fresh cookies until 2 a.m. Now my husband wants to order them all the time. I do too but I know it’s not a good idea.” © buildingdridges

  • “I once bought my girlfriend a hat and had her name embroidered on it. She asked me if I would ever wear a shirt with my name on it. I would not.” © armen89

Have you ever bought something out of impulse and then immediately realized it wasn’t a good buy? Let us know in the comments! And if you want, you can post a picture of that amazing object that you now store somewhere deep, deep in the closet.

Preview photo credit Darthmalgus970 / Reddit