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20+ Spontaneous Shots That Are More Unlikely Than a Lottery Win

One of the greatest things about our planet is that it never fails to amaze and surprise us. Coincidental or not, moments when people find unusually shaped fruits and vegetables or discover the smartest ways to cheat with gravity deserve to be commended and remembered.

Bright Side assembled a collection of wonderfully coincidental and unbelievable images that are guaranteed to intrigue your brain.

1. Just pulled a layer of ice off a leaf.

2. A lemon/carrot crossbreed

3. We would love for someone to explain this down in the comments.

4. Lifting up the moon

5. When you know how to cheat with gravity:

6. Sitting on an invisible chair

7. A trick to make your brain explode

8. Studying at a desk can be so boring.

9. The membrane simply refused to bust open.

10. So, aliens do exist...

11. There’s never a bad time to high-five.

12. We all do weird things for heat.

13. Walking on water must be so freeing.

14. This possessed dog

15. And that’s definitely a 3-pointer!

16. Is there any being that doesn’t love Pepsi?

17. Some people just know when to click “pause”.

18. The best transportation in the city

19. We don’t even want to know how long it took the photographer to capture this image.

20. “Where would you like us to put this?”

21. If this is you when you sleep, please leave a comment.

Which one of the photos above made you open your eyes wide and gasp in surprise? We would appreciate it if you could tell us more down in the comment section.

Preview photo credit SearonTrejorek / reddit
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