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20 Sweet Photos That Made Us Go, “OMG, My Heart, Please”

Seeing a bright smile on your kid’s face as soon as they recover from being ill or noticing how your dog likes to hold his feet when he sleeps. These sweet things have the power to uplift us, even on the worst of days. Fortunately, some people take photos of these moments so we can all appreciate them.

Bright Side has found the sweetest side of life on Reddit and brought it to you with this compilation. Enjoy this carefully curated list of endearing photos.

1. “This little girl designed a sweater in school and her granny made it for her to wear.”

2. My niece (6) loves Santa Claus. My Dad (76) loves my niece. Dad’s been growing that beard since May.

3. “My 15-month-old son was sick in the hospital, no smiles for days. This is his reaction after taking his first sip of apple juice.”

4. “My baby Huxley is going into surgery right now, the vet techs sent me this.”

5. “Walked in on my best friend trying to steal my girlfriend.”

6. “My nephew loves my Jeep, so I bought this barbie Jeep and made it look like mine.”

7. “My wife snapped a picture of our daughter feeling the rain on her face for the first time.”

8. “This angel came to me and said ’You look like you need a break’ and held my son for the rest of the flight.”

9. “My cats have never gotten along, but today they came to love each other.”

10. “My girlfriend and I have been going to the same aquarium for the last 4 years. Little did we know we’d be chronicling some major changes.”

11. “Just got my brother into Calvin and Hobbes. He runs up to me with a huge smile every 2 minutes showing me a new strip every time!”

12. “About a month ago, I introduced my new dog to my cat. Here’s how their relationship is progressing.”

13. “My grandma is 89 and her groom is 86. They met 9 months ago and fell madly in love, showing it’s never too late to begin again.”

14. “My stepson realized he forgot to hug his mom before his first day of kindergarten.”

15. “Thought he was just advertising a store at first.”

16. “We brought Charlie home a month ago now and I can’t get over that look of pure love in his eyes.”

17. “I see this guy at Dunkin Donuts every day playing chess and teaching kids how to play.”

18. “Bear likes to hold his feet when he sleeps.”

19. “My grandpa met Tucker for the first time today.”

20. “This 95-year-old grandma is teaching her 9-month-old great-granddaughter how to walk.”

What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen happen or that has been done for you? If you have photos of these moments, make sure to leave them in the comments. We’d love to see them!

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