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20 Things That Blend in With Their Surroundings Like an Undercover Spy

Despite us humans evolving to develop the exceptional ability to recognize patterns and notice hidden things, some objects still pose a solid challenge. A lost watch on a rug, a plastic lid among lots of other plastic stuff, or even an entire house can be natural chameleons.

Bright Side collected 20 photos that will make you want to keep a weather eye on finding what’s off about them.

1. “The paint on this building is the same shade as the sky.”

2. “This tissue box merging into the wallpaper”

3. “My nails are accidentally a near-perfect color match with my coat.”

4. “The birthday cake I made for my dad matches our counter.”

5. “I just bought a zippered pouch on Amazon that matches this insane dress I bought in 2015.”

6. “My son’s outfit matches his changing table.”

7. “My wife and I had plane snacks that matched our books on our way to our honeymoon.”

8. “My pup, Koko”

9. “I couldn’t find my Pringles lid for a couple of minutes.”

10. “The shower curtain in a rented cabin is the inverse of the comforter we brought from home.”

11. “My phone cover is the same as this table.”

12. “My stepdad’s shirt lines up with his glasses inside the pocket.”

13. “Help me find my watch!”

14. “My underwear almost perfectly matches the bed sheets.”

15. “Only noticed my hoody because of the drawstring.”

16. “The design on my mom’s jacket is nearly identical to the furniture in the living room.”

17. “My TA’s hat blends in with the chalk board.”

18. “My dog got perfectly camouflaged by some rocky terrain.”

19. “My robe and tissue box match.”

20. “When you’re at a wedding and discover your dress matches the venue:”

Which pic did you find the most challenging? Share your photos of perfectly blending things with us!

Please note: This article was updated in February 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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