20+ Times Boss-Employee Relationships Were Taken to Another Level

According to research, having great relationships is one of the key factors that make people happy at work. Close, trusting, and supportive relationships positively influence an employee's state of mind and their willingness to contribute to a company's success.

Bright Side values people who always try to make the world a more positive place. We have prepared a collection of examples of people who took their relationships at work to a completely new level.

1. An ugly sweater competition with the boss

2. "My boss just gave me these socks for Christmas."

3. "This is a gift for our boss — a giant oil painting of himself."

4. Don't ever forget this day.

5. When a boss wants to spy on his employees, but wants to go unnoticed:

6. Our boss asked us to make cookies for the Christmas party. Here is the result:

7. "We made our own Valentine's Day boxes for work. This is my boss's."

8. "It seems to me that my boss does not approve of my taste in music."

9. "2,000 balloons for my boss's birthday."

10. "My boss gave me a key. Can you find out why he started laughing hysterically when I tried unlocking this door?"

11. "An IT Christmas wreath from my boss."

12. I'm not sure if this is a bluff or not...

13. "I asked my boss for an iMac, and now I know that it is better to be more specific with your wishes at work."

14. "A gift from our boss - we had to wear them the whole day."

15. "A kind reminder from our boss."

16. "Our boss jokingly claimed to be a 'Brony' and after seeing our prank, he regretted it."

17. "My boss just slapped this post-it note on me. It seems that it is better to keep silent."

18. "My friend is a welder. Here's his present for his boss."

19. What's your problem, Cody?

20. "My boss's desktop. It's important to note that he's over 60 years old."

21. "I left this on the security camera for my boss to see in the morning."

22. "My co-workers and I are without a boss so we improvised."

23. "My boss was not sure if HR would approve of my gift, so he made it HR-friendly."

24. "This was delivered to work for our boss."

25. "A note from my boss. I am in the bathroom right now."

26. "As a prank for our boss's birthday, we switched out pictures of his kids with photoshopped versions of employees."

Do you think such relations promote a more effective and high-performance work environment? Have you ever pulled a trick on your boss or employees? What was their reaction? We can't wait to hear your stories!

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