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20 Times Hospitals Were More Fun Than We Expected

Laughter can make a huge difference in your health — it boosts your immune system, triggers the release of endorphins, and even burns calories. So, in some way, it’s really logical to have a laugh when you’re sick.

We at Bright Side find the doctor’s profession to be extremely important, yet sometimes sad. And we think that more hospitals should introduce a little humor to their patients, to lighten them up.

It’s basically urban dictionary.

Got to care for the roaches.

Some quality father — son time is featured here.

Health tip

EKG-style decorations

Advertising done right for an animal hospital.

I work in a hospital lab and a coworker made these treats for us! (Do not mistake for stool samples.)

This is probably the most inappropriate sign to hang in a respiratory care unit that there is.

This applies to your WebMD certificate as well.

They’re not wrong.

My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born today. So I took one.

Was at the VA Hospital today when I ran into this guy and his shirt.

Happens more than you think...

When your therapist is too busy:

I work the information desk at a hospital. It’s colon awareness week. This absurd display was my view all day today.

Seems legit.

This is what you get for a X-mas tree with limited resources in a hospital.

Sanitizer of creativity

So many questions...

The hospital I’m at is putting cookies on patient trays for Halloween. I don’t think they thought this through.

Which one of those made you giggle the most? Or maybe you have your own hospital picture / story you’d love to share? Comment section below is just the place to do so!

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