20 Times Nature Woke up and Spoke to Humans

Over the years, civilization has taken over nature’s abilities to keep humans at bay, interfering with it in every possible way. In spite of this, Mother Earth won’t stop leaving signs for us to let us know that she is still there, alive and kicking, and that she is watching over us.

Bright Side is a great lover of the hidden things that the world leaves us, and with the most striking ones, we put together the following list.

1. “The fire in this pic I took looks like a dragon.”

2. “Today, I found a tiny shell in my sea salt!”

3. “My cherry tomato turned over and had a naturally made number on it.”

4. “Took these photos earlier today on a hike at Mount Charleston, Nevada. This cloud looked like a portal/moon. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.”

5. “My lawn made a natural yin-yang symbol after we removed our pool.”

6. “Nature always finds a way (my leeks grew through their packaging).”

7. “A small hole in a wall I discovered outside the train station in my town looks like a forest at the foot of a mountain.”

8. “Nature imitating the lightning emoji”

9. “Tomato the Hut”

10. “Had a rainy night and woke up this morning to a worm playing snake.”

11. “This bean that looks like a question mark”

12. “This tree survived being cut down”

13. “Strawberry I cut today showed me some love”

14. “Magic stone natural pattern”

15. “This beetroot has a heart.”

16. “This sweet potato that looks like a human heart”

17. “This seed I found from a tree in San Francisco looks exactly like a rusty screw from above.”

18. “The pic I took of this fire looks like a deer”

19. “A hummingbird chilled on my phone today.”

20. “45 minutes before go-time, and during. Mother Nature had perfect timing.”

What particular characteristic does nature have in the city where you live?

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Preview photo credit Shark-F***s / Reddit
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