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20 Times People Proved That Comparison Can Make a Phenomenal Difference

Every day, we have to compare something — the ingredient lists of the products at the grocery store, different films of the same genre, our childhood and adult photos. Many times we are disappointed when we unpack an order from an online shop and realize how strikingly it differs from the picture online. And to understand how much your favorite trinkets have worn out, sometimes, the only thing you can do is put them next to the new ones.

We at Bright Side couldn’t help but share these photos of internet users who reminded us that everything is learned by comparison. And from the bonus, you will learn how a simple request for mom and dad can be fulfilled in completely different ways.

1. “My new bucket hat lies next to my old one, that I delivered mail in for 5 years.”

2. “My plant, who loves being dramatic, before and after watering”

3. “On the right is a LEGO brick I’ve been using as a key ring for a few years, and on the left is a brand new one.”

4. Southern California before and after a rainy winter

5. Bamboo that hasn’t been touched by tourists’ hands

6. This is how the color of foliage can change over 5 weeks.

7. “My mom found a cute kitchen rug at the store. She brought it home, and it ended up being the same one she had before.”

8. Photos taken in Fort Collins, Colorado, one day apart

9. “I wasn’t surprised to find out that most phones are dirtier than toilet seats. This phone case is only 7 months old.”

10. What a difference a photographer’s height makes — 5’2″ (on the left) and 6’2″ (on the right)!

11. “I got the keychain on the left in 2010 in Paris. My girlfriend gave me a little present this morning. I was shocked!”

12. In just 11 days, this maple has undergone significant changes.

13. The difference between farm-grown fresh strawberries (on the left) and supermarket strawberries (on the right)

14. Rex has changed a lot in 5 years.

15. Eggs from a goose, a duck, a regular chicken, and a bantam (decorative dwarf chicken), from left to right

16. “My old skateboard wheel next to a new one”

17. Before and after completing a 4-year course in working with ceramics

18. “A controller and my foot for comparison...”

19. It seems that this pig has had a hard life. But for the puppy, it’s been all fun and games.

20. A free-range egg and a regular egg

Bonus: “I asked my mom and dad to buy dishwashing sponges. Daddy’s sponges are on the left.”

Do you have photos that could easily complement our compilation? We look forward to seeing them in the comments!

Preview photo credit Unknown author / Imgur