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21 Photos That Have So Much Drama You Might Need Tissues

Being stuck in the friend zone is one of the most heartbreaking and disappointing situations anyone can find themselves in. When you are interested in someone who is not as interested in you, you should try and not show too much attention on this person, according to Dr. Jeremy Nicholson. When you act needy, the person won’t love you but will actually take you for granted. But, no matter what experts say, people still get stuck in the friend zone, with the pain deriving from this situation being equal to being stabbed in the chest.

Bright Side collected 21 images that show the savage effects of friend-zoning.

1. The eyes of heartbreak

2. You are too savage, woman.

3. Why do you even try?

4. Like walking and bumping into a tree...

5. She is pure evil.

6. What are friends for? This:

7. Message NOT received...

8. Then just take pictures by yourself. Why torture poor Anthony?

9. Yes, he doesn’t hate you. That’s the face he makes when he’s happy.

10. “Don’t get carried away, dude.”

11. Wiping off the tears of embarrassment

12. Poor guy. She will never truly appreciate that.

13. Yeah, he did all that because he wanted to be your best friend.

14. This is so painful to watch:

15. Just let it go. She doesn’t want to understand.

16. This is literally the most physically painful friend-zoning:

17. Just open your blind eyes, girl.

18. When was the last time a friend of yours bought you gifts like these?

19. Because that’s what he was dreaming of...

20. She’s not Cinderella, man. She can tie her own shoes.

21. She just wants you for the shakes. Get over it.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were friend-zoned when you wanted something more? Please share your experiences with us down in the comments section.

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