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21 Pictures That Can Work as a Happy Pill for Tidy People (and for Messy People Too)

If you’ve ever been tempted to arrange a misaligned painting in someone else’s home, or suffer when books aren’t organized by size and color, you need to know that you’re not alone. You belong to a group of people lead by Monica Geller from Friends, but that’s alright. For all of you who are all about keeping things squeaky clean and neat, we know for sure you’ll love to see some of the pics we found online. However, if you’re not a neat freak, we can assure you that after looking at these, you’ll want to be.

Bright Side picked some of the best pictures that neat people shared on social media and we’re sure that they’ll leave you speechless and smiling. For those of you who aren’t perfectionists, this might be a great way to motivate you to get your place in order too! It’s a win-win situation!

1. “My synesthesia means that I remember books better by their color than by title or author, so this is what happens when I have enough shelf space!”

2. “Showed my sister the joy of KonMari! She asked for help with her linen closet and I think we did a great job (even with her wanting to keep a little too much!) 😍”

3. “Old book-ends keep my shirts tidy as I approach laundry day and my drawer gets emptier.”

4. “My vertical tea station”

5. “Finally getting all matching hangers”

6. “I stole this one from my mom...”

7. “My dad laid new decking around an old tree!”

8. “Thought you might like to see how I store my stud earrings.”

9. “I’m finally done clearing out my depression nest of a garage after weeks of hard work. I donated 55 trash bags full of stuff and threw away 12 cubic feet of garbage. I can park my car in there for the first time in a year.”

10. “Raindrops on a car’s sun roof”

11. “All of the pens it took for me to get my Master’s degree”

12. “My carry-on for a 2 week trip, all happily folded and stuffed like a bento box. We’re traveling carry-on only, so it’s just this and my 12’’ mini-backpack for me :D”

13. The snow accumulated in such an orderly manner that it even seems like a dream.

14. A little corner of the house where everything is where it should be can spark a lot of joy.

15. “Perfect snowflake that fell on my coat yesterday”

16. This is the best way to get to work...

17. “From clothing mountain to neatly ordered drawers, and room to grow. 7 pieces hung in the closet as well. Finally, a wardrobe where every last item sparks joy!!”

18. “I had a day off and did this for my wife.”

19. Gummy Bear gift box for a perfect date: check ✅

20. “My wife wanted a custom pantry so I built her one.”

21. “Can find anything within 30 seconds!”

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? What part of your house makes you feel proud because of its order and neatness? Share pictures with us!

Preview photo credit beckalani / Reddit