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21 Times Karma Bit People at the Most Unexpected Moment

Sometimes our life presents us with really weird scenarios. The heroes of today’s article have faced a crocodile on their way to work and dealt with mail delivery that can’t seem to avoid bringing undamaged packages. These people don’t get upset and instead share their unlucky moments with the whole world.

Bright Side invites you to have a look at people whose wheel of fortune doesn’t want to turn in their favor.

This brick is waiting...

“You have no room to make a mistake.”

“This opossum bit me when I was trying to take a letter. Now I have a phobia of mailboxes and a pile of antibiotics.”

“My ice cream had another wrapper inside of it.”

When your navigator wants to play a game:

“So my new monitor arrived today...”

“Yes! My package finally arrived! I can’t wait to take it home and see what’s inside!”

When you’re driving and you suddenly hear a bang:

When you’re against haircuts:

“So how’s your Monday going?”

“You really tried.”

“My dishwasher practices the dark arts.”

“If anybody has Thor’s number, I found his hammer.”

There was no “Do not bend” sign.

When the universe thinks it’s time for you to lose weight:

When your keys conspire against you in your own pocket:

“She wanted to play with the laptop.”

“Received my diploma today.”

When there’s a sign but no way out:

When your canoe gets stuck:

Is this a bad omen or not?

How do you usually cope with destiny’s pranks?

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