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21 Times People Recreated Their Old Photos, and The Results Were Priceless

We all remember our childhood, the fun we had, and all the carelessness. Sadly, we can’t get those days back, but we can at least relive some parts of them! This is exactly why some people have been recreating their old pictures and, we have to say, the results are hilarious!

Bright Side found 21 of the best, funniest, and most creative pictures for you and we promise they will make you smile!

21. An epic picture with Hulk Hogan

20. 17 years later she’s now an artist.

19. Even Arnold took part in this challenge.

18. Their poses are on point.

17. 16 years difference, and granny looks as happy as ever.

16. Best friends grow together.

15. This one is our favorite.

14. This has to be one of the best pictures.

13. Ellen Degeneres and her prom date

12. The Santa in the second picture is struggling.

11. The face of pure joy

10. Even the truck has changed.

9. We’re glad they didn’t forget about the dog.

8. We appreciate the dedication it took to fit in there.

7. We wonder what startled him.

6. Those are 10/10 Halloween costumes.

5. These guys absolutely nailed it.

4. Nothing has changed, except for the birthday cake.

3. All their faces are priceless.

2. The 2 in the front nailed it.

1. This one is too accurate.

All these pictures make us want to try them out with our families! But we want to know if our readers have taken part in this little nostalgia trip? If you have, please share your pics with us and everyone else!

Preview photo credit then-and-now-photos / tumblr
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