23 Photos That Are Hard to Explain Logically

While scientists are trying to solve the mysteries of ancient civilizations and the Universe, life around us keeps giving us more and more secrets that are just as hard to crack. Why are there toasters on trees? How can time be reversed? And why is there is a duck in a cocktail?

Bright Side recommends you to stop using your logic and start thinking outside the box. Try to find answers to all the questions that these 23 photos make us ask.

Did you think it was a neck? Then look at her waist again!

Her legs look like they are going to leave their owner.

After you measure and plan everything carefully

Being a centaur is not an easy job.

The famous toaster tree

Colorado doesn’t have mile marker 420 signs for some reason.

Is it liquid or what?

At least they look great with the coat!

Is this made to see the notes better?

Everyone loves a different kind of shower.

When you go to McDonald’s to eat ketchup:

Did they use some cat gene to breed this dog?

The rubber duck cocktail garnish is the cherry on top.

This is what a true professional needs for work:

“Weird dogs” — they really are weird.

“Our chicken laid a large egg that had a smaller egg inside.”

So many questions but not enough answers.

Naval mines are great for decorating a neighborhood.

“Thought this was a broken and poorly fixed Hula Hoop at my local toy store until I picked up another. Turns out it’s the actual design.”

This counterclockwise clock:

This Nike outlet needs to calm down with these savings!

“My friend tried to remove the scratches on his iPod with sandpaper.”

Very public toilet

Which of the photos seemed the most confusing to you? Tell us in the comments section below.

Preview photo credit Wiinner / Pikabu
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