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24 Incredible Things That Happened Right Before Our Eyes

More than 19 million people celebrate a birthday every day. Isn’t that amazing? We’re mired in our daily lives and don’t even realize how many astonishing things happen around us every day. And luckily for us, some people manage to capture these interesting moments and share them online to shake up our daily routines.

Bright Side has collected photographic evidence that the world around us is filled with incredible diversity.

1. A flower would break under this butterfly.

2. An anatomical heart formed by a potato

3. A rainbow circle

4. A 4,000-year-old Sumerian dog’s paw prints on an inscription

5. UFO cloud

6. “This quartz line separating 2 parts of a rock”

7. The first petal

8. The best sail ever

9. Subway directs clients to the next door.

10. Perfect timing

11. A plane surrounded by a rainbow

12. A lizard has a song for you.

13. Extra puzzle pieces

14. 2 thunderstorms

15. Nike logo scar

16. Try to find where the cat ends

17. A deer formation in a deer’s horn

18. A giraffe arranging a shower

19. “Forgot about a dirty sponge in an old sink that weeks later was trying to grow new life.”

20. A tree on a tree

21. A wall covered with keys

22. Above the moon

23. An albino turtle

24. How did the leaf get there?!

How often do you see amazing things in your life? Tell us about it in the comments.

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