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24 “Not My Job” Fails That May Haunt Your Forever

Although we might not always be able to perform our tasks to the best of our ability, we’re expected to complete given tasks in the most respectable way possible. But sometimes when people make mistakes, they end up doing things in such a way that we can safely say we’ve done it perfectly — well, perfectly wrong, that is.

Bright Side wants to show you 24 sad stories about people who decided it wasn’t their job to fix things, and the result was so awful, they deserved to be included in the wall of fame on the Internet.

1. “I didn’t sharpen the pencils just like you said, boss.”

2. "A road in my hometown — there’s no explanation as to why it looks like this.

3. “And the winner of ‘not my job’ sister!”

4. “This key was screwed and painted to the door frame inside my wife’s apartment. True ’not my job’ laziness!”

5. “Why not just turn it?”

6. “Every time I go to the bathroom at work — this really bugs me!”

7. “Installed the new sign, boss.”

8. “I don’t have time to answer every single one of your questions, David!”

9. “Got the birthday balloons, boss!”

10. “Throw your mask into the hoop!”

11. “I only move boxes, not plants.”

12. “Well done, my boy. Well done...”

13. “Fixed the hole in the wall, boss.”

14. “Who needs another bolt when we’ve got stacks of washers?”

15. “I stacked the bales, boss.”

16. “What we’re missing here is certainly not creativity.”

17. “Safety? Not on my watch!”

18. “I would’ve paid him just as much to not do the job if I’m being completely honest.”

19. “It’s Sparky’s problem, not mine.”

20. “Patched the bridge joint, boss!”

21. “Close enough...”

22. “Bricked up that window quite well!”

23. “I just build them where they tell me.”

24. “Finished the stripes in the parking lot, boss!”

When was the last time you messed up badly at work? Share your story with us so that we can all laugh it out together for a while.

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