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25 Epic Times Restaurants Messed Up Big

According to a popular legend, potato chips were invented by accident. A chef once got complaints from a customer that his fried potatoes were too thick, so he cut them into thin crisps. However, most restaurant orders gone wrong don’t usually turn out to be popular discoveries...but they can still turn out to be crazy.

Bright Side wants to share some of the funniest times restaurant orders went horribly wrong.

1. To be fair, McDonald’s doesn’t sell ice cream sandwiches in the first place.

2. The customer ordered cheese-sticks... where did a pizza place get so many cheesecakes, anyway?

3. The order was for an affogato, or ice cream with espresso... Technically, it does have both...

4. “My brothers in Nairobi went out for a meal and ordered cheesy onion rings.”

5. Well you wanted extra pickles, right?

6. We really hope there was a discount with this.

7. Does anybody need this much mayo?

8. At least it keeps everything neat...

9. Man wasn’t meant to toy with the Taco Bell secret menu.

10. The order said to add cheese, and technically they delivered.

11. Here’s proof that there is such a thing as too much pepperoni.

12. With all that frosting, we’re not entirely sure what’s supposed to be underneath it!

13. Please don’t say that there’s a bacon shortage...

14. “Table of 7, 3 adults and 4 kids. Somehow the server thought we ordered 14 plates of beef!”

15. “Just ordered 2 Whopper Jrs from BK and they came like this.”

16. Sure, you went with apples to stay low on calories, but you should still have something to actually eat.

17. What was this even meant to be in the first place?

18. When you couldn’t settle on whether you wanted a veggie burger or a salad...

19. On the plus side, free pen!

20. Where’s the beef?

21. “So my friend ordered a fruit salad at a restaurant in Marrakesh...”

22. That’s not sauce in the middle... It’s a single pepperoni.

23. “I ordered a coke with an extra cup for the kids... This is what I got.”

24. Since when does mayo go on top of the bun?

25. In all fairness, whipped cream is delicious!

Has you ever ordered food, but it went horribly wrong? We’d love to know!

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