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25+ Examples of Workplace Drama That Could Drive Even the Calmest Boss Up the Wall

Co-workers who steal your staplers and other stationery, obviously, deserve a punishment. And just when you thought it couldn’t get more annoying than this, you’ll find a completely screwed up phone cord, bites taken out of all the donuts in the office, and a boss that pays you in pennies. And to top it all off, someone completely covered your workplace with kitten photos! Co-workers sure know how to make you throw a tantrum...or at least teach you how to have fun.

Bright Side was amazed by how witty and weird some co-workers can be while working in the office, and we have to admit that we actually can relate to some of them! That’s why we feel that we need to share this with you. Let’s see if you can relate too!

1. “Had to use my co-worker’s office today. This is what his phone cord looks like.”

2. “So, I photocopied a picture of my face and put it in my office door window...”

3. “Ran to my car because my co-worker said someone slashed my tires.”

4. “Won a bet against my boss nearly a year ago. Came into work to see that he finally paid pennies.”

5. The best April Fools pranks are obviously done by co-workers.

6. “Our co-worker loves dogs. We delivered.”

7. “My friend’s co-worker cut a piece out of every donut in the box.”

8. “Covering for another office today, I’m not sure I can work under these conditions...”

9. “My co-worker decided he wanted a standing desk.”

“My co-worker got tired of his standing desk.”

“My co-worker decided that desks are stupid.”

10. The Paleontology Department on Halloween

11. Co-workers make people wear “The Box of Shame” when they tell bad jokes or ask stupid questions.

12. A Google employee quit his job to work for Bing and his coworkers got him a cake.

“Congratulations, Travis.”

“Did you mean: Congratulations, traitor?”

13. “Co-worker went on vacation so we ’upgraded’ his hardware.”

14. “A co-worker got tired of people asking where Ed was.”

15. “I work in an eye clinic. One of my co-workers had this at his desk.”

16. “My co-worker came as me to work for Halloween.”

17. “My co-worker is a flat earther and it’s his last day.”

18. “It is my co-worker’s last day so we made a pillow for the office to remember him by. He wasn’t happy.”

19. “A co-worker brought homemade ’cheesecake’ to the office today.”

20. “Office workers think they’re so funny.”

21. “I was out of the office for 2 weeks and found this when I got back. Thank you, co-workers.”

22. “A co-worker is on a vacation. Meanwhile, this is his desk.”

23. “My co-worker doesn’t know how soap works. To soak dishes, she puts water in them first and then drips dish soap into the still water.”

24. “A friend was asked to bring in a plate for morning tea at her breast screening workplace. Mammograhams.”

25. When your boss knows how to tell you your results aren’t the best:

26. Co-worker vs duct tape.

27. “I’m too short to see over the cubicle walls, so I made a cut-out of my face on a stick and use it when I talk to my neighbors.”

Which photo amazed you the most? Have your co-workers ever done anything annoying at work? Maybe you have a funny photo of it! Let’s share in the comment section!

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