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25+ People Who Can Easily Create a Different Reality

It’s funny how many things around us are merely optical illusions. Take, for instance, a rainbow that is not located at any specific distance from us but is just a reflection of light. It’s beautiful and mesmerizing, but like any other illusion, it doesn’t stay with us long and eventually disappears. Hopefully, today we know how to catch these things on camera to prolong the sweet memories and impressions.

We at Bright Side have looked through some photographed visual tricks and chose the most impressive ones to share with you all today.

1. “Matching socks to the carpet”

2. “On the subway today”

3. “I hope you boys like a lady with tiny hands.”

4. “Did a double take when I saw my reflection in my phone.”

5. “My co-worker’s new dog is an almost-perfect street camouflaging expert.”

6. “Almost can’t see his feet.”

7. “I thought I lost the sock in the dryer again.”

8. “My rat is cute.”

9. “My phone case and my wood flooring”

10. “Always scared I’m gonna sit on her by accident.”

11. Try to find a dog.

12. “I wasted a few minutes looking for this.”

13. “My pup, Koko”

14. “My purse and this table”

15. “Couldn’t find my phone for the longest time...”

16. This one also may be hard to find.

17. “A random shoe in a parking lot — I thought it had no sole but it’s just accidental camouflage.”

18. This bowl lid will be very hard to find.

19. “Rate my pose.”

20. “Fuzzy butt baby”

21. “New top and duvet cover set”

22. Mission Invisible is accomplished.

23. “My freakishly giant toddler”

24. “Stepped up on the stool and lost my feet.”

25. “Didn’t know my leg had been amputated.”

26. “Took this weird photo the other day... My phone is playing tricks on me.”

What other popular optical illusions do you know of? Has reality ever played such tricks on you?

Preview photo credit JustBrowsingActually / Reddit
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