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25 Photos That Prove Life Was Much Cooler Before Smartphones

It’s always a joy to discover things about our past, however recent. Little snippets about what people did back in the day, like how they looked, what they wore, or what they’d laugh at can be fascinating. And what a wonderful world they lived in, before technology controlled so much of their lives. Looking at people being effortlessly cool will help us stay in touch with history and maybe even learn something from them.

We at Bright Side gathered 25 old photos of people just being people and succeeding marvelously at it.

1. “My weightlifting great-grandpa holding my grandpa over his head”

2. Louis Armstrong playing for his wife at the Pyramids of Giza

3. “My Uncle Billy just turned 90, so here’s him on his boat during the early 80’s”.

4. Like father, like daughter

5. Maud Wagner, the first known female tattoo artist, appropriately covered with tattoos

6. “My dad carrying tires in the Winston Cup days of NASCAR. He worked the pits for Hendrick Motorsports and worked on the set of Days of Thunder.”

7. “My father was Salvador Dalí’s best friend and photographer. Here’s a portrait of the 2 of them!”

8. “My grandad and his goat named Sarah having their daily playful boxing fight”

9.“My grandma and grandpa laughing together in the 1940s”

10. “No, it’s not a spa capsule. It’s a boat. A transparent boat. Yeah...”

11. “He looks like the classy cousin of Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.”

12. “My grandfather and a buddy on the beach in Hawaii...with matching zebra swimsuits”

13. “My uncle was a bodyguard for The Beatles when they came to Philadelphia. He’s the tallest guy behind Ringo.”

14. “The early ’70s were gorgeous. My family was no exception.”

15. A flight instructor for the Canadian Airforce enjoying a rare moment on earth

16. “My grandfather invented the selfie in 1961.”

17. “My dad in the ’80s in Sydney, Australia. I don’t think it’s his car.”

18. “My mom in the early ’50s rocking a peasant blouse and pearls on a date with an American soldier”

19. “Don’t mind me while I iron in my kitchen in my fancy coat...”

20. “My mom and her friends on the construction site of the Sydney Opera House”

21. “My grandparents after climbing Mt. Fuji in Japan”

22. “My parents on their honeymoon with matching sneakers”

23. “In those times, nothing mattered except who could fly the highest.”

24. “This explains why I’m the most uncool person ever — because my mom took it all! Oh, and that bike? She built it.”

25. "He’s the personification of the ’80s. He is the ’80s!

Do you have photos of your ancestors? Are they doing something amazing in them? Share your pics in the comments!

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