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25 True Heroes That Make Our World a Better Place

True heroes don’t always receive medals, and you don’t necessarily hear about them in the news. But they live among us and they are always ready to help and sometimes even risk their own lives for us.

Bright Side tells you about 25 heroes who’ve done good things and don’t expect a reward even though they really deserve it.

A firefighter in Oregon after a 32-hour shift. The photographer says that the man sat down and within seconds was asleep.

A helping paw: This dog helps this man get to work by pushing his wheelchair.

Corporal P. Ray saved a 2-year-old girl from suffocation and came to her tea party.

“Every year, this kind old man in my home town offers clothing, shoes, and anything useful to people in need.”

This officer saved a 5-year-old girl from a burning building in 1998 and 18 years later attended her graduation.

This is Jonathan Smith. He saved 30 people from the Vegas shooting last night before he was shot in the shoulder.

“He saved me from an abusive ex a few years back, I tell him he is a good boy every day.”

“Statue of my cousin who drowned while successfully saving another person in Newport Beach. This is the photo his dad sent my dad after the unveiling.”

“This little kid named Guy saves up his allowance to buy much-needed supplies for my local Humane Society. Here he is with the manager and his latest donation. He recently helped fund a life-saving surgery for one of their rescued dogs.”

This flight attendant noticed a strange pair of passengers: an adult man and a little girl. Because she listened to her instincts, she ended up saving the child from being abducted.

“My dad and my little brother saving dogs from the rising flood waters”

“This man took a bullet while protecting my sister from the gunfire in Vegas.”

Cameron Lyle gave up his career to donate his bone marrow to save someone’s life.

Even though this cardiologist was on the beach and didn’t have any equipment he still managed to save a child’s life.

Chris Mintz, is an Army vet who used to live in Tacoma. He rushed the gunman at the Oregon college shooting and survived being shot 7 times.

14-year-old student Katya Ovcharova saved 6 children in a fire.

9-year-old Hailey Ford makes shelters for homeless people. Recently, she started growing vegetables and fruit which she gives to the needy.

Jacinto Convit invented a vaccine for leprosy. At the age of 100, he was still working and looking for a cure for cancer.

My son said there’s some kids in his class that don’t eat their lunch. “How come?” I said. “Cuz they don’t have one, mommy. Can I bring them some of mine?” Totally his idea, and he helped pack it, too!

Homeless man James John McGeown stood in the pouring rain for hours to guard a handbag left in an open car and then contacted the police.

This dog was wounded 4 times but still managed to save people in a building in Afganistan. It survived but lost a paw.

Mark Buston has been giving haircuts to homeless people every Sunday for the past 5 years.

“One of our local firemen calmed a kid down by showing him Happy Feet on his phone.”

“My mom smiling after saving 40 kids from a burning school bus”

Frida saved more than 50 people after the earthquakes in Mexico, Ecuador, and Guatemala.

Which of these stories seemed the most moving to you? Have you ever witnessed situations where people showed an example of bravery and courage? Tell us in the comment section below.

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