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A Girl Tests Beauty Products From the Past, and It’s Like Real Time Travel

Mako is a vintage makeup collector who tests and documents amazing beauty products from the past and shares her impressions with the world on her TikTok account. It’s unbelievable how much vintage beauty products can say about the beauty routine women followed in the twentieth century, and we learn this thanks to Mako. Teeny-tiny lipstick, a “hamburger” lipgloss, a lipstick carousel, and even liquid leg makeup women often used instead of stockings back in the day — here are just a few exotic pieces of good old cosmetics you can see in Mako’s videos.

We at Bright Side couldn’t stop watching Mako’s videos about unique cosmetics of the past, and now it’s your turn to go on this exciting journey through time.

This lipstick carousel from the 1960s is really fun!

And this tiny hamburger hides some lip gloss inside.

Women often used this liquid leg makeup instead of nylon stockings back in the 1940s.

This is the lipstick women used back in the 1930s.

This is probably the tiniest lipstick we’ve ever seen!

And here’s Mako, swatching a lipstick from the 1960s.

Ever wondered what mascara looked like 8 decades ago? Mako will show you!

It’s the first time we’ve seen lipstick matches. And you?

This wristlet from the 1920s hides a little secret...

And here’s some rouge from the 1940s.

And this set from the 1930s is a real Art Deco masterpiece!

We thank Mako for taking us on this exciting journey to the world of vintage cosmetics!

Which of these vintage beauty products would you like to try out and why?

Preview photo credit vuloxvanity/TikTok
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