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Design Fails Got Us Hooked, and Here Is a Fresh Collection

If you ever decide to study design history you'll know parts of it had an impact on the fashion, textiles, and architecture of modern culture. But the entries on this list could only make the impact of a facepalm to your forehead, at best.

We at Bright Side never shy away from pointing out mistakes - because how would they learn otherwise, right?

Um... Spongebob?

Placement is everything.

This shouldn't be a job for Spiderman.

They've seen some stuff.

It's really NOT a team sport, you know.

What a tempting offer.

Break it to him gently, doc.

Give your disappointment a minute.

Come teach me how to pink.

I'm concerned about the inspiration behind these hotel curtains.

There's no way you're learning that today...

Accidentally Nazi

Do they even know where cotton comes from?

Note for Mormons

Stairs at the local kindergarten

And you thought the Emoji movie was bad. Thank you Wal Mart.

Whatever you say...

If it works, it's not stupid.

Wow the leg room... So much space

This is the stuff of nightmares

Are you sure it's from The Beatles?

Extremely specific

This family tree from my little brother's nursery is suggesting something I don't even want to think of.

Korean kitchen?

School benches for introverts

Seems delicious and slightly vomit-y

Which of those made you facepalm? Share your favorite "worsts" in the comment section below!

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