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If You Had Acne as a Teen, You Have Better Chances of Becoming Successful, According to a Study

Acne can cause emotional distress, influence our self-esteem, and even leave permanent physical scarring. Approximately 9.4% of people suffer from it, and 15-19-year-old teens can get it more often than others. This condition, however, might have a very positive and promising side to it. Namely, a higher chance for a prosperous future.

Bright Side is always in search of new interesting studies. This time we came across one that made us think if there is a connection about how we feel about ourselves and what upcoming opportunities we might have.

Acne can change the lives of teenagers more than they expect.

An interesting subject was analyzed in a study: a connection between having acne, developing stress, and then the future social and economic status of young people. More than 90,000 students with skin problems participated in the experiment. From the beginning, the results have shown that girls are more likely to get anxious about having acne than boys.

Researchers decided to explore further to see how teenagers deal with this condition and how it affects their choices.

It can affect both their mental state and their social life.

There are different reasons why people develop this condition. In this study, researchers concentrated on acne caused by puberty, race, and genetics. Thus, a problem that is rather hard to deal with quickly—having it can affect one’s self-esteem, making them feel less attractive and less socially accepted by others.

However, it can have some beneficial effects too.

It was discovered that students who don’t feel beautiful among their peers, decide to put their efforts into their education and self-development, instead of spending time socializing. For example, it was found that when teenagers with acne had to choose between participating in sports clubs or clubs related to study, they mostly chose the latter.

This resulted in them getting higher grades in school, having an overall better performance when compared to others, and having fewer problems with completing their college degree.

Having pimples can pay off.

During the study, researchers managed to find some evidence that having acne can be linked with better jobs and earning potential. A good education and a good diploma can open up a lot of opportunities for determined students. So, the chances are better when it comes to getting a good-paying, satisfying job.

Something else that’s interesting, even though this outcome applies to both genders, is that it was found that suffering from this condition has a stronger relationship with higher personal earnings for women than for men.

Have you or anyone from your family had acne? How did this condition influence your life?