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These 17 People Came Across Unusual Objects and Were Left Scratching Their Heads

Finding a new and unidentifiable object always triggers the Sherlock Holmes in us. Figuring out the purpose of something, especially if it’s something from the past that no one uses today, is a fun activity many people on the internet enjoy. These people came across some unusual things and found a helpful stranger on the internet with all the answers.

1. “What are these little green pellets that I found in the storage room of my cabin?”

Answer: “Very possible that it is mouse or rat poison, wash your hands very well.”

2. “What is this tall glass object with a slit in the top portion?”

Answer: “I think it’s a coin bank.”

3. “Plastic item left under the cabinet by previous homeowners.”

Answer: “It’s definitely the key part of a child-proof cabinet lock. We have the same set.”

4. “Ceramic, narrow, cup-shaped with a slanted top, found in a kitchen cabinet.”

Answer: “It’s a floral vase. Japanese style, thus the bamboo motif.”

5. “What is this large vessel I found in the basement of an old psychiatric hospital?”

Answer: “It is used to sterilize mattresses and bedding.”

6. “Metal bowl or ring found on the beach.”

Answer: “Ring from an old vertical steam boiler, maybe from an old steamship.”

7. “Plastic item with some sort of connector at the top.”

Answer: “I think this is for a CPR doll.”

8. “This knob that turns in the back of the fireplace?”

Answer: “It’s to take air in from the outside and not the house, so the heat can still leave toward the house.”

9. “Fork-ended ratcheting separator. Friend who found it at a yard sale ‘has a feeling’ it’s automotive.”

Answer: “It’s a seriously old school valve spring compressor.”

10. “Tiny little sharp thing found on the ground at the bank. No writing on it.”

Answer: “Looks like a blade for a plot cutter.”

11. “What are these plastic poles in the woods behind my house? They’re buried deep, and some are surrounded by a plastic ring.”

Answer: “It’s an irrigation system’s low-pressure relief valve.”

12. “Silver ornate clamp or tongs, no words on it. It was bought at an antique mall.”

Answer: “It’s asparagus tongs.”

13. “Strange waxy coil, came with a box of firearm accessories. Roughly palm-sized.”

Answer: “It’s called packing. It’s used in pumps to try and stop the product from being pumped into the atmosphere.”

14. “Philips metal piece with some sort of attachment. I think someone left it behind at my place. What is it?”

Answer: “A stand for a digital photo frame.”

15. “I just noticed some very fresh feeling marks on my front door.”

Answer: “There is adhesive drywall tape that looks like that.”

16. “Brass plated. Very heavy — it seems cast. It screws out completely.”

Answer: “It is a duck meat (or any meat for that matter) press. Basically, for making meat juice.”

17. “What is this small hollow plastic capsule-like object?”

Answer: “Protective cap for a digital meat thermometer.”

Have you ever come across an object whose purpose you couldn’t guess? Share a picture of it with us!

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