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14 Actors Who Had to Overeat or Starve for Their Roles


Actors have to use a lot of makeup in order to look like their characters. But sometimes makeup is just not enough, so an actor has to transform their physical body as well. Charlize Theron, for instance, had to gain 50 lb for her leading part in Tully. And Chris Pratt had to lose a lot of weight and pump up his muscles for Guardians of the Galaxy.

At Bright Side, we put together a list of actors who had to sacrifice their figure for a promising part.

Christian Bale had to gain 45 lb for his part in Vice.

Chris Pratt slimmed down and got pumped up for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Jennifer Aniston put on weight for Cake.

Adam Driver lost 50 lb for his part in Silence.

Matt Damon gained 30 lb for The Informant!

Joaquin Phoenix put on weight for You Were Never Really Here.

Charlize Theron had to gain 50 pounds for her leading part in Tully.

Hugh Jackman had to lose 33 lb for Les Misérables and then to gain muscle mass for The Wolverine.

Anne Hathaway lost 24 lb for her part in Les Misérables.

Jake Gyllenhaal lost 22 lb for Nightcrawler and then pumped up for Southpaw.

Colin Farrell put on more than 45 lb for his part in The Lobster.

James McAvoy became way more massive for Glass.

Jonah Hill lost weight for Maniac.

Chris Hemsworth had to lose 33 lb for his part in In the Heart of the Sea and then get back his muscle mass for Thor: Ragnarok.

Do you know any other actors that can be included in this list? Tell us!

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