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15 Mistakes in “Stranger Things” Few of Us Noticed

Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s most-watched series in recent years. In just 4 seasons, it has become a classic. Many fans love its story, which takes you to different dimensions. The cast of charismatic young people is also undeniably charming. And while this multimillion-dollar production is excellent, it also has some bloopers that fans have discovered after watching it over and over.

Bright Side compiled some of the oversights of the series so that we can confirm that no one escapes the “strange things” that happen every day.

1. Barbara’s car

Barbara’s car, one of the first victims of the Demogorgon in the first season, was not produced until 1988. The series is set in 1983, so that particular model did not exist back then.

2. The walkie-talkies

The walkie-talkies used by the characters to communicate were not sold until 1985, two years after the series’ first season is supposed to start.

3. Nancy’s purse

In the scene where Nancy argues with her mother and locks herself in her room, you can see how the bag she was carrying on her arm changes position from one second to the next.

4. The school bus

The bus where the characters take refuge in season 1 is a Blue Bird TC 2000. This model was manufactured from 1998 to 2003, many years after the time in which the events take place.

5. The throw-line

When the kids are preparing to face the monster in season 1, you can see the school basketball court with a line marking three-point shots. However, this line officially came into use in 1987, not 1983.

6. The breakfast table

In the second season, in the scene where Eleven and Hopper are having breakfast, the position of the actress and the elements on the table change between takes over and over again.

7. Sweat stains

At the beginning of episode 5 of the second season, Will has a vision of the “other side” that wakes him up from his sleep, all agitated. In the same scene, you see his shirt go from entirely wet to dry several times.

8. The missing walkie-talkie

When Will finds a creature in the bathroom, he runs out and drops his walkie-talkie, but when the others go in to get it, the device is gone.

9. The red M&M’s

In a scene from season three, set in 1985, Will offers as a peace offering to Eleven some of his M&M’S. You can briefly see that some of them are red. This is a historical error since Mars, the company that produces the candy, discontinued the red color in 1976 due to a controversy with the dye used, and only in 1987 did it return to production.

10. The shirt pocket

In season 3, when Alexei is running away from Hopper, you can see how the image was reversed; when he is running, the shirt pocket is on the right side, but when you see them from the front, the pocket changes to the left.

11. The container

In season 3, when Robin and Erica are locked in a warehouse, they find a container with a mysterious substance. Robin takes it from Erica, and between shots, we see how the position of her hand changes over and over again.

12. The banana peel

When Steve is eating a banana in season 3, he throws the peel on the table, but seconds later, he has the banana back in his hand.

13. The magic hamburger

In season 3, the hamburger of Bruce, Nancy’s boss at the newspaper, changes from one second to the next. First, the meat is on top of the other ingredients, and an instant later, it’s on the bottom.

14. Eleven ignores Mike

When they are sitting in the hospital waiting in season 3, Eleven tries to ignore Mike, stops reading her magazine, and turns to the left. But in the next shot, she’s reading the magazine again, and she turns away from Mike again.

15. Will’s forgotten birthday

In season 4, the main characters spend a day full of mixed feelings, but Will is the one who suffers the most. There’s this one scene that’s taking place on March 22, and if you recall from season 2, that’s Will’s birthday. Yet no one remembered! Even the producers of the series said that they totally missed it.

What mistakes have you noticed in Stranger Things? Tell us in the comments.

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