10 Celebrities Who Don’t Mind Wearing Their Favorite Items of Clothing for Years

All of us have a favorite item of clothing in our wardrobe. Yes, it might be almost a century old, but it’s comfortable and looks fine. Can you imagine that celebrities are no different from us? They also have favorite clothing items that they don’t mind wearing for years.

At Bright Side, we found out which items of clothing some celebrities just can’t seem to let go of.

Eminem’s hoodie

Eminem loves gray hoodies. You can see him wearing one in the movie 8 Mile pretty often. Eminem appears in his music videos wearing a hoodie too. Indeed, a gray hoodie is one of his favorite clothing items.

Rihanna’s sandals

Rihanna’s style is always changing but she has a few permanent items in her wardrobe. One of them is a pair of minimalistic sandals by Manolo Blahnik. Rihanna has combined them with everything from athletic pants to evening dresses.

Reese Witherspoon’s jeans

Reese Witherspoon loves jeans. It seems that these ripped jeans have taken an honorable place in her wardrobe. She wore them for a few years in a row and combined them with different shoes and warm sweaters and cardigans.

Sienna Miller’s bag

The bag by Proenza Schouler Hex is one of Sienna Miller’s favorite bags. This accessory is voluminous and stylish. Besides, it’s versatile. Sienna has combined it with a T-shirt, a hoodie, and even an elegant coat.

Kate Hudson’s boots

Kate Hudson prefers comfort in her everyday life. Perhaps this is the reason why her boots by Isabel Marant have taken up a special place in her wardrobe for years. They’re comfortable and versatile. Kate can combine them with a knitted dress and a coat.

Kristen Stewart’s sweatshirt

Kristen Stewart wore this sweatshirt by Alternative Apparel during both a social event, and a regular stroll. She seemed to be in love with it.

Gwen Stefani’s blazer

Gwen Stefani feels great in this black blazer. She wore it during important moments: in front of journalists and photographers, on stage, and even during her pregnancy.

Katie Holmes’ denim shirt

Katie Holmes is fond of denim shirts. She’s worn her favorite shirt for at least 2 years, and then she’s also been noticed in similar items.

Eva Mendes’s dress

Eva Mendes appeared at the premiere of The Hangover wearing a maxi dress with a flower print. The actress liked this dress so much that she wore it a year later during a stroll after shopping.

Prince Charles’ coat

Prince Charles has 2 favorite coats in his wardrobe that he has been wearing for many years. One of them is a tweed coat by Anderson & Sheppard, the other one is a classic straight camel coat. Prince Charles sets an example that a good classic item of clothing can be worn for decades.

Do you have a favorite item of clothes that you love so much that you just can’t throw it away. Can you show it to us in the comments below?

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